Guest Opinion | Tim Brick: Support the Expansion of the San Gabriel Mountain National Monument

Local residents and communities need to support the expansion of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument to include the Arryo Seco and the other neglected areas. There are two ways to do this. Congresswoman Chu’s bill to expand the monument has passed the House several times but has never succeeded in being passed into law. It is unlikely that it will this year, so the request to President Biden to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to expand the monument, such as Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass advocates, is a much more likely approach.

Why conserving the San Gabriel Mountains is so important to California Latinos

Although California is home to countless natural treasures, Latinos and other people of color are twice as likely to be deprived of parks, trails and other open space close to home. This so-called “nature gap” and the global, catastrophic loss of biodiversity stem from the same root cause: the destruction and degradation of natural areas in and around communities of color.